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Ensuring you get the most out of your Simple Smart Phone

Software Updates

Any update to features or services of the Simple Smart Phone will be automatically downloaded, you don’t need to do anything!

Closer than ever

The family app will allow chosen family members to receive access to certain information

Extended Support

Our extended support center can answer your questions and assist you in performing any Simple Smart Phone operations.

Automatic Backups

Your Simple Smart Phone contacts are automatically backed up and, if needed, can be restored by simply pressing a button.

S.O.S Button

In the event of an emergency, you can press the SOS button which will Call a family member or our US Based 24/7 emergency response center

Long-Click operation

Long click enables simple and convenient operation while avoiding random, unwanted clicks

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Thousands of happy customers are already enjoying their Simple Smart Phone


The long click is a genius idea!
It really feels like someone thought about what I need. No accidental clicks and no confusion.

Well done.


Thanks to Simple Smartphone, I get a new picture of my grandchildren every day!

You have made me a proud and happy grandmother!


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