Simple Smartphone has served thousands of satisfied customers from all over the country. Nothing brings us more joy than to receive thank you letters from satisfied customers and their family members telling us how Simple Smartphone has become an integral part of their life, contributing to their independence and overall sense of security.

Michael L.

My 92 year-old grandmother has the Simple Smartphone and I cannot believe how much it has changed her life! She is finally able to get pictures of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and it has given her confidence: it's very simple to make a call and the emergency button gives me a peace of mind that she is always safe. Simple and fun. Amazing service and patient representatives. Thank you!

Michael L. San Diego, CA


The long click is a genius idea! It really feels like someone thought about what I need. No accidental clicks and no confusion. Well done.

James L. Sacramento, CA


Thanks to Simple Smartphone, I am confident in my ability to use my Simple Smartphone and inspired to learn more, especially with the guidance and amazing service of the support team. They're more than willing to answer every question or problem I have!

Sharon Z. Phoenix, AZ

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