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Who is Simple Smartphone designed for?

Simple Smartphone is designed for anyone who wants a simple and convenient way to stay connected to friends and family and always feel secure.

What makes the Simple Smartphone Easy to use?

The Simple Smartphone has a unique operating system that allows you to take advantage of all the latest technology in a way that is simple and convenient.

Here are some of the features that makes the Simple Smartphone special:

-Large touchscreen buttons and long click feature facilitate high touch accuracy and prevent errors
-Message Center: All messages- SMS, emails, Whatsapp and all other messages automatically come to the messaging center preventing any confusion
-All instructions are clearly written on the screen
-Photo Gallery: All photos received or taken on the phone are automatically saved in the gallery
-Ability to install and enjoy all apps in Google Play store
-Easy to use Camera allows for simple capturing and sharing
-SOS button connects user to US based 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Center and to chosen family members

Can you use navigation apps on the Simple Smartphone?


The Simple Smartphone includes the Waze traffic app and the Google Maps app.
These applications are pre-installed so no additional installation is required. If you want a different navigation app that is available in the Google Play store, you can download it from there.

Can I run any application on the Simple Smartphone?

Yes! Simple Smartphone users can enjoy any app that is available in the Google Play Store.

What does the Family Application do?

Even family members can enjoy peace of mind with Simple Smartphone!
* Special application that allows family members to remotely control certain aspects of the phone
* Option to receive device location if emergency button is pressed
* Ability to “burst” the phone by calling and having the device answer automatically on speakerphone
* Set “safe areas” and have text notification sent if the device enters or exits an area
* Receive email notification if the device battery is running low
* Ability to add a contact to the Simple Smartphone remotely