Unnecto – Air 4.5″ Senior Phone Gray – Factory Unlocked Phone – Retail Packaging – Black

  • Home button -to keep it simple, the Device has only Two working Buttons: the power button and the home button. Clicking the home button will always return you to the home screen.

  • Advanced Settings – a Family member can set up the emergency contacts and geo-fencing Features.

  • Geo-fencing – for peace of mind, the emergency contact can set up a perimeter around the Device. You will get an alert when the User leaves this area.

  • Picture centre -pictures from every application, including text messages, WhatsApp, or other Messaging applications, to go to a Central location for easy viewing.

  • Sos button – the SOS button on the Device allows the User to call up to Two Family members with One simple button in the event of an emergency.

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