Software Updates

We are constantly working on developing new features and launching new services for the Simple Smartphone  that will enrich the user experience. Whenever an update is ready, it will download automatically to your Simple Smartphone.



Family Application

Simple Smartphone keeps you and your family well connected. With the specialized Family Application, you can choose family members to have access to certain information such as device location, battery status and emergency information as well as remotely assist you in changing settings.

Extended Support

Simple Smartphone opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Now, you can send and receive pictures, video call your family, use Google,  Waze, Netflix, and thousands of other applications, easily and quickly. We have built the extended support center, where our representatives will professionally answer any questions you may have, remotely controlling your device to explain and demonstrate various actions you can perform on your Simple Smartphone.

Automatic Backups

Since all of your contacts are backed up on our servers, they can be restored, if necessary, simply by pressing a button.  If you decide to switch SIM  cards or your device is damaged by a fall, do not worry! We will automatically install the backup file for you on your Simple Smartphone.

S.O.S Button

In the event of an emergency, you can press the SOS button which will Call a family member or our US Based 24/7 emergency response center

Long Clicks

Long click enables simple and convenient operation while avoiding random, unwanted clicks